Get Reviewed

We are always delighted to receive books for review, though cannot guarantee we will be able to review everything.

Please send review copies to:

The Newtown Review of Books, PO Box 1125, Newtown NSW 2042

We also love to get press releases about new books, so if you are a publisher please add us to your mailing list:

7 thoughts on “Get Reviewed”

  1. Do you review books by male authors?

    • Linda Funnell said:

      Yes, we review male writers — most recently Peter Corris has reviewed Thomas Dormandy’s book on opium, and if you search our archives you will also find reviews of books by Robert Drewe, Humphrey McQueen, Hans Koppell and others. We review books we come across, or books we are sent, that we think are worth talking about and will be of interest to others. Inevitably it comes down to our personal tastes. Though I have to say that in light of the results of the VIDA surveys ( showing bias towards male writers in mainstream review magazines, I don’t think the fact that we’re doing more reviews of books by women than men at the moment is a bad thing.

  2. Hi Linda
    I am not sure if you would consider reviewing a middle grade fiction. No worries if it is not up your ally. My book has a bit of spunk and adults have seemed to enjoy it as much as kids ,so if you are willing to give a sci fi elf story a go, I’d love to send you a copy. Cheers

    • Linda Funnell said:

      Hi Julie
      Thanks for getting in touch. Alas at this stage we’re not reviewing children’s books – it’s not an area I’ve worked in so I don’t feel confident about doing it. This may change — we’re always looking at what we’re doing and what we can do better/more of with the resources we have. In the meantime all best wishes to you for your book.

  3. I take it that at the moment you do not accept books in electronic format for review?

    • Linda Funnell said:

      Hi Philip – Thanks for your message and sorry it’s taken a while to reply. This is a tricky question to answer as we do and we don’t at the moment. Peter Corris only reads on his Kindle because of his eyesight problems. Jean and I haven’t been reviewing ebooks so far but are about to start experimenting – so if you’d like to send us an ebook edition for review, why not first off email us through the contacts page with some info about it and let’s see if it’s something that might be of interest before you go to the trouble of sending. Thanks.

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