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frankhardyHere’s a quiz, just for fun. Sport in Australian literature – not much, but some. How well do you know it? (Answers will be posted separately.)


1 What is the title of Nicole Hayes’s young adult novel about AFL?

2 What is the title of Malcolm Knox’s novel about cricket?

3 Name one Tim Winton novel that focuses on surfing.

4 Name Steven Caroll’s novel about the West Indies tour of Australia in the 1960s.

5 Which of Peter Corris’s Cliff Hardy novels has boxing as its theme and boxers as its main characters?

6 Which recent Australian novel is about competitive swimming?

7 Gordon Graham, author of the play The Boys, is also a novelist. What is the name of his novel about an actor playing a champion swimmer brought down by over-eating?

8 Name Frank Hardy’s novel about horse racing.

9 Malcolm Knox’s novel The Life is about which sport?

10 Fiona Capp’s novel about surfing is called what?