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the healerFor a copy of Antti Tuomainen’s just published prize-winning Finnish crime novel The Healer   or just for fun – do this quiz and send us your answers by email (nrbooks@ymail.com). The earliest correct entry wins. Good luck!

1. Which Australian writer of private-eye novels also wrote the Luke Dunlop witness-protection series?

2. Whose detective character is Claudia Valentine?

3. Which Australian crime writer won the Miles Franklin award and for which book?

4. Who is the creator of the Phrynne Fisher series?

5. Which well-known children’s writer, under a different name, wrote the Verity Birdwood books?

6. He has a series character who is a criminal and who lives on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Who is the writer and what is the character’s name?

7. Who is the well-known Australian author who used the pseudonym Alex Juniper to write a crime novel?

8. L A Larkin has written a best-selling thriller set in the Antarctic (published in 2012). What is the name of the novel?

9. His character is a Labor Party apparatchik (later a politician) who keeps stumbling on crime. Name the author, the character and (for a bonus point) the AFL team the character barracked for (clue: the team is no longer based in Melbourne).

10. He comes from the UK, he’s a retired Professor of Architecture (University of Newcastle, NSW) and his police-procedural novels are set in London. Who is he?