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9780522862317For a copy of Pamela Burton’s The Waterlow Killings: A Portrait of a Family Tragedy or just for fun – do this quiz and send us your answers by email to: nrbooks@ymail.com. The earliest correct entry wins. Good luck!

1. Who wrote Mad Dog Moxley?

2. What was the name of the book that revealed Australian bikie culture, written by Sandra Harvey and Lindsay Simpson?

3. Who was ‘Mr Asia’? (Clue: Richard Hall wrote a book about him.)

4. Name the 2012 novel based on real-life bushranger Jessie Hickman, and its author.

5. Name two Australian novels, and their authors, about Ned Kelly and/or his family.

6. What was the name of John Bryson’s 1985 book based on the Azaria Chamberlain case? (Clue: Meryl Streep starred in the film.)

7. What formerly convicted and jailed Australian is the author of a string of best-selling crime books that include his own nickname in the titles?

8. Name Neddie Smith’s two books.

9. Gabrielle Lord’s novel Fortress was inspired by which real-life event?

10. She was Warren Lanfranchi’s lover, a police informer and she was murdered. John Dale wrote a book about her. Who was she?