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resized_9781742379715_224_297_FitSquareFor a copy of Paul D Carter’s 2012  Australian/Vogel’s Award-winning book Eleven Seasons – or just for fun – send us your answers via ‘Leave a Comment’. The earliest correct entry wins. Good luck!

1.  George Johnston wrote the iconic Australian novel My Brother Jack. What was the title of the sequel?

2.   Which of Patrick White’s novels was based on the experiences of Eliza Fraser?

3.  Who wrote The Honey Flow?

4.  Name the poet and the poem that inspired John Olsen’s mural in the north foyer of the Sydney Opera House?

5.  Dorothy Hewett married another writer. What was his name?

6. What is the title of the first book in Frank Moorhouse’s Edith trilogy?

7.  In which Sydney suburb did the reputed model for Charles Dickens’s character Miss Havisham live?

8.  Brent of Bin Bin was better known as …?

9.  Who wrote: ‘I am an urban, beachside Blackfella, a concrete Koori with Westfield Dreaming, and I apologise to no-one’?

10.  Who won the first Australian/Vogel’s Award in 1980?